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Documentary Work
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Dramatic Work
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rehoboth Beach Regi

Strange Fruit on the Courthouse Lawn is an award winning documentary that was created by students at Salisbury University and is currently making the rounds at film festivals. The film follows the story of Matthew Williams, a young black man who was lynched from a tree on the lawn of the county courthouse in Salisbury, MD on December 4th 1931. Historians and archival documents explain the facts and uncertainties surrounding his lynching. Sean P. Foy is credited as editor, lead writer, director, and producer of the film.

Eyes Upon Waking
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 Eyes Upon Waking  is an upcoming SAG-AFTRA Feature Film and true story by Andy Golub and Jennifer Scott and directed by Timothy Zwica. The story follows a troubled woman who must come to terms with her suicide attempts while spending several days in a psychiatric facility.

Sean P. Foy is credited as a Production Assistant for the movie.


Please watch the teaser trailer below and click the logo to

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